Projects Office proposed a vibrantly colourful new entrance sequence as our shortlisted entry for the 2019 Dulwich Picture Gallery Pavilion competition.


Dulwich Picture Gallery / London / 2018

Our shortlisted design for 2019’s Dulwich Pavilion proposed an enfilade of richly coloured light as a prelude to John Soane's Dulwich Picture Gallery. 

The brief sought a "temporary welcome space” with reception areas for ticketing and cloakroom facilities, as well as room for day and evening events to host up to 200 people - on a very tight budget. We were inspired by Soane’s use of light and colour, as well as the grand series of spaces within the gallery, and decided to locate the pavilion directly in front of the main entrance to create a bold temporary extension of the interior: visitors will move through a sea of colour before entering the gallery itself.

This key move brings the experience of the gallery’s enfilade out into the garden, the pavilion creates a colourful connection through the gallery: leading visitors from the street all the way to the brightly lit mausoleum.
As an extension of the gallery’s entrance axis, this playful pavilion invites people in and encourages them to explore. The lightweight frame, built from recycled scaffolding and painted a rich Soanian green, supports a waterproof membrane roof above bright translucent panels. These layered arches create a colourful promenade, referencing the elegance of Soane's architecture and casting rainbows across the pale timber floor.
Combining the formality of the gallery's processional route with a fresh exploration of the building's use of light and colour, this pavilion is a summer celebration of art and architecture: a contemporary spin on Soane.