A bespoke terrazzo worktop and custom steelwork create a unique interior for the artisan coffee shop Projects Office recently designed in central London.

Projects_Office_Formative Coffee_Cafe_main space.jpg
Projects_Office_Formative Coffee_Cafe_Croissants.jpg
Projects_Office_Formative Coffee_Cafe_tables.jpg


Victoria / London / 2019

A true coffee connoisseur, the client for this new coffee shop in central London briefed us to create a unique and contemporary interior which would stand out in London’s busy cafe scene.

Designed around the movements of the baristas’ processes, and with the specialist coffee machine in centre stage, the bespoke cafe counter is the cafe’s focal point. We created bespoke steel shelving and light fittings, designed to draw attention towards the main attraction: the wonderful coffee.

Photography by French + Tye



Projects_Office_Formative Coffee_Cafe_entrance.jpg
Projects_Office_Formative Coffee_Cafe_Counter.jpg
Projects_Office_Formative Coffee_Cafe_Counter_portrait 2.jpg