Projects Office have recently completed a new workspace in Bermondsey, London for Paddle, a rapidly expanding financial technology start-up. 

View from the 'Paddle Cafe' to the lounge

Storage wall featuring drinks point and touchdown nooks


WORKPLACE / INTERIOR / Bermondsey, London / 2017

Working to a short timescale, we collaborated closely with the client to create a range of spaces to support a range of working practices within a relatively tight (300m2) area. These included quiet working spaces, informal meeting spaces including a ‘lounge’ and ‘café’, meeting rooms and a breakout area designed to be large enough for every member of the team to eat a burrito together.

The layout was designed to allow for further expansion of the team: today’s breakout spaces and informal meeting areas can become tomorrow’s working spaces. This future-proofed design ensures that the team can stay in the space through future expansion, and maximises the value of their current investment. 

It quickly became apparent that the client, an ambitious tech company, needed more than desk space from this project. We developed a brief to fulfil three key demands: an ergonomic workspace to facilitate efficient team working; a brand identity to reflect the team’s ethos; a comfortable and inspiring place which encourages socialising and collaboration and which would attract the best applicants for their growing number of positions.

Beyond accommodating their business needs, Paddle’s new office was designed to be a source of pride to the company – a space which aids recruitment and investment. It was designed to create a sense of ownership within the team, a unique space which is enjoyable to be in, and a tool to aid effective, efficient working.

All photography is by Andrew John Simpson

Isometric drawing of the overall space

Acoustically attenuated phone booth

Acoustically attenuated phone booth

Drinks point nook

Drinks point nook