accuRx Campus

Workplace Interior
Shoreditch, London
2022 - Ongoing

A multi-phase project to create bespoke workspaces within a series of former industrial buildings near London’s Liverpool Street Station.

Project details

accuRx develop communication tools for healthcare providers such as the NHS. A testament to how valuable these tools are to clinical professionals, accuRx’s technology has been widely adopted by GP practices and primary care trusts across the UK. As a result of the the company’s rapid success, their team has expanded substantially over the last few years – outgrowing the offices we designed for them in 2019.

The Curtain Road building marks the first phase of the workplace campus we are designing for accuRx. Over the next year they will expand into several of the adjoining buildings to form a small inner city campus of historic buildings interspersed with outdoor breakout spaces. Placing productivity and staff wellbeing at the heart of our designs, the existing structures will each be re-purposed to provide a wide variety of state of the art working facilities for the team. 

The distinctive spatial brand we created for accuRx’s previous offices has been refreshed and further developed to be conversant with the architecture of the former industrial buildings. Key features such as the large team tables and bespoke graphic curtains make a reappearance, while new facilities such as a canteen with professional chef kitchen, therapy room, and a large meeting room that doubles as a yoga studio have been added.  

The graphic curtain’s lexicon of symbols, referencing traditional healthcare and communication tools in homage to accuRx’s lineage and mission, has become a distinctive fixture for the company and forms the backdrop for every staff member’s portrait photo. The material palette has been developed to phase out the use of plastics while ensuring all spaces are vibrant and uplifting, even when deep within the interior of the building,

The result is unique, coherent and welcoming spaces, far from the stuffiness of so many healthcare environments. Designed to adapt and grow with the company, they facilitate efficient working, help attract the best talent, and reflect accuRx’s ethos and brand identity.

Photographs by Andrew Meredith
A canteen within an office with a table in the foreground and drinks making facilities in the background
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