accuRx Office

Workplace Interior
Haggerston, London

A bold new work and events space for a healthcare technology start-up in East London

Project details

AccuRx develop communication tools for GP services. A testament to how valuable these tools are to healthcare professionals, accuRx’s technology is being adopted by practices across the UK, and as a result their team is growing quickly.

As a result, accuRx urgently required space and facilities to grow. Appropriately, communication is important to the team, so flexible spaces for collaboration and away-from-desk working was a critical part of the brief. As an active part of the East London tech scene, they also wanted ample room to host events and enjoy weekly communal meals.

Arranging the conventional working zone to the north of the plan, we left the entire south side free for a large, bright and flexible event space defined by a huge jazzy curtain and stepped bleacher seating. A large, modular table (one end designed to ping-pong table proportions) offers space for dining and group work, while inbuilt meeting nooks and phone booths accommodate smaller conversations.

We designed a bespoke graphic lexicon for the curtain, referencing traditional healthcare and communication tools in homage to accuRx’s lineage and mission. The curtain contrasts with and celebrates the industrial fabric of the building; the result is a unique, coherent and welcoming space, far from the stale stuffiness of so many healthcare environments. It facilitates efficient working, helps attract the best talent, and reflects accuRx’s ethos and brand identity.

Photography by Andrew Meredith

accuRx Office - Central breakout and events space
accuRx office - work area
accuRx Office - Lounge
accuRx Office - Bleacher Seating
Projects Office “were the first people we met that we felt would really help us build the office we wanted and that fitted our culture. The team love the new space!” - Laurence Bargery, accuRx co-founder
accuRx Office - train carriage meeting booth
accuRx Office - Kitchen
accuRx Office - Table tennis table
Projects Office accuRx Office Isometric
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