Flying Colours

Retail Installation

Created for RIBA Regent Street Windows 2016, Flying Colours was a playful amalgamation of Uniqlo’s signature rainbow arrangements and that most iconic of London characters, the humble pigeon.

Project details

Uniqlo, the international clothing brand, is famous for its bright colours and innovative knitwear.  Flying Colours combines these key elements with plucky local characters to create a playful scene which is discernibly of London, yet 100% Uniqlo.

The display was designed to emphasise the variety of Uniqlo’s autumnal palette, but to inject an element of absurdity into the design, and to anchor it in London, a flock of flapping pigeons – icons of the city – were placed in charge. Transformed into Uniqlo colours, the birds create a link to the world beyond the window.  But are the pigeons weaving Uniqlo’s fall collection, or are the pesky birds unravelling the spools to make their own cuddly and colourful nests?

The design was a collaboration between Projects Office and Jack Berk, an art director working in film and TV comedy. We took a narrative approach to developing the concept, and applied the immediacy and craft of the film industry to bring it to life.

The kinetic display alludes to wool-making processes and the raw materials within Uniqlo’s perfectly finished pieces. It’s a whimsical re-imagining of garment production, suggesting that even London’s plumed pests could benefit from Uniqlo’s technicolour treatment.

Photography is by Liam Clarke and Projects Office
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