Knowledge is Power

Public Realm
London Festival of Architecture
City of London

It’s easy to get disorientated in the City of London. Knowledge is Power is a colourful wayfinding strategy that simplifies complex routes and connects key landmarks.

Project details

The Pathways through the City’s complex maze of ancient streets can be broadly divided up into north/south and east/west routes. Our series of wayfinding posts in public spaces and key intersections use the cardinal points of the compass to simplify routes through the city: red circles indicate north/south, and blue triangles east/west. Each post offers directions to key destinations (e.g. landmarks, stations, green spots for lunch) as well as a plaque displaying interesting social, historical and geographical information.

A language of simple shapes and consistent colours enables the public to quickly recognise the direction in which they are travelling. The posts become a family of objects, with visitors embarking on a treasure trail to find the next object. The network of visual connections is supplemented by bold graphics on floors and walls. These act as the breadcrumbs along the route, encouraging pedestrians down unfamiliar alleys and unknown entryways.

LFA Power Walks Visualisation
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