Nine Elms Gateways

Public Realm
London Borough of Wandsworth
Nine Elms, London
In progress

Competition winning scheme for landmark gateways designed in collaboration with the local community to create a bold new identity for Nine Elms.

Project details

This co-design project will bring the diverse and growing local community together to create a bold new identity for Nine Elms. Our colourful proposals will celebrate the area’s rich history, empower residents and visitors to explore the area on foot or by bike, and invite them to contribute directly to an exciting local landmark that celebrates the area today.

With a nod to Nine Elms’ railway heritage, we’re reimagining traditional railway station ‘daggerboards’ to create a new design language. We’ll work with school children, residents and traders to design new daggerboards for Nine Elms. Using simple paper-cutting techniques – either in facilitated workshops or following online instructions – participants will create their own beautiful repeat patterns which will be applied to intricately cut façades.

We’ve created a flexible kit of parts and will work with the local community to select preferred elements to create a visual connection from Ponton Road to the new tube station. Additional elements can be added or relocated as required, or as the local context changes.

+ A dramatic funnel archway highlighting the tunnel’s southern entrance. Integrated seating and lighting will make the arch feel safe for everyone.

+ A decorative arch to the north with a low fence to help navigate the shift in level

+ A ‘community totem’, which glows at night

Nine Elms Archways - View from Ponton Road
Nine Elms Archways - Totem Structure
Nine Elms Archways - Planter
Nine Elms Archways - View from New Covent Garden Market
Nine Elms Archways - Archway Structure
Nine Elms Archways - Nighttime View
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