Turf Wembley

Wembley, London

A collaboration with a developer and restaurateur to propose a ‘pop-up’ restaurant and entertainment precinct adjacent to the iconic Wembley stadium.

Project details

“Turf - Wembley” is large scale ‘pop-up’ restaurant and entertainment precinct to be located adjacent to Wembley stadium. Working to a tight budget and timescale, Projects Office have devised a design that inventively uses standard components to form new structures that are low cost and fast to procure.

Acknowledging that the ‘pop-up’ has now become a regular fixture throughout London and the wider UK, we were acutely aware that to transplant the standard shipping container development seen elsewhere may risk alienating the local demographic. Instead, we tailored our project proposal to build upon the DNA of Brent, using entertainment and cultural engagement as a catalyst to bring together the many communities that visit the site.

We have developed our concept of a street food market to be adaptable to the wide ranging flows of people seen throughout the week at Wembley Park. One focus of the design has been the relationship between the proposed structures and their role in framing the outdoor areas between. This has allowed us to create an architectural proposal that not only uses built structure, but also the medium of space itself, to create a dramatic yet inviting visitor experience.

A large timber dome is home to an anchor restaurant and provides a distinctive icon for the site. This is then supplemented by smaller scale food tenancies in shipping containers, a covered performance space and a wide variety of seating options. The scheme makes use of large format lettering and a bold use of colour to ensure a striking aesthetic that is highly visible from afar and affords visitors a vibrant leisure environment.

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